A place to ask the Jazzman questions about things like where to eat in XXXXXX or how to correctly order apizza in CT or which is better Manganaros Groceria or Hero Boy (Groceria- the 2 ladies rule! be nice u moron). Leave a question in the comments and the Jazzman will answer in the order he feels like.


As a matter of fact, I'm there right now.

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At your house.

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  1. Dear Jazzman,

    I'm going to New York City in a few weeks. I'm a n00b. Which pizza should I eat?

    Thank you!


  2. Heather- sorry the Jazzman has been absent for a bit. the answer to your question regarding pizza in NYC is, in descending order of greatness:

    1. Difara (Midwood, Brooklyn)
    2. Patsy's (uptown east side location only)
    3. L&B Spumoni Garden (Brooklyn)
    4. Lucali (Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn)
    5. Keste (Manhattan)

    Enjoy- the Jazzman

    1. Vinny Shinblind, the invisible sex maniacJanuary 25, 2015 at 8:05 PM

      I grew up thru grade school on the Yupper East Side (wasn't quite as yuppy back in the '60's), 2 blocks away was Mimi's, da bomb back then and da bomb still, over all the above overpriced and coal ovened spots. Mimi's, 84th and Lex.