Friday, January 29, 2010

Ridgewood, NJ
Buffala Margherita (DOC Jimmy Jammy)
VERY hooked up.
Not quite Napoli, but WAY better than all the hyped expensive NYC spots and Vera Napolitana Pizza mang, no joke. Buffala, San Marzanos, 00 Flour, filletti tomatoe jammies, a bit of fresh basil. Eaten in my car.
The New Standard.

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  1. Avoid this place at all costs. Tonight I had the worst dining experience I ever had in my life. I don't normally write reviews but my service tonight was so horrible, I felt it was necessary that I save all of you from the same torment. We waited forever for service tonight and the waiter told us they were short staffed. On several occasions we had to walk ourselves to the front of the restaurant to ask for things such as a bottle opener and extra tablesettings. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and really truly felt sorry for the wait staff that was there. There were 2 gentlemen waiting tables and they were killing themselves. We finally got our bottle of wine opened after a good 20 minute wait. We finally got our order taken after another 20 minute wait. Our food came out hot and, to be honest, the food was good. But the service was the worst I ever had in my life. Let me remind you, this is a Thursday night!!! Not like it's a saturday!!!! When we finally received our check (which accompanied our waters that we asked for about an hour beforehand), we decided to tip the waiters generously because we understood the situation they were in being shorthanded. We paid the bill and proceeded to finish our wine. Amano had 2 people playing music on a balcony type thing above our table. A large group of about 10 people came in the back area where we were seated and proceeded to chant and cheer for the entertainers. Moments later, the manager, Greg came in and yelled at MY table for being too loud and rowdy, that there were 4 other tables in the other room that were being disrupted. When he walked out, the group of 10 people commented on how they couldn't believe that paying customers got yelled at for their noise level. Do yourselves a favor, stay far away from this place if you expect any kind of decent service. Like I had stated earlier, the food was "good" but totally not worth the treatment that we received at this place.