Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brooklyn, NY

Dom DeMarco

The master makes me a pie.
The Jazzman was truly honored that after not eating at Dom's spot in Midwood for many years (The Jazzman was a regular LONG before Dom became a pizza rock-star), Dom turned around and looked at me and said- "Hey- where you been?"
Then proceeded to make me a PERFECT pie. balance of 5 cheeses (Buffala, Fresh Mozz, Fiore di Latte, Grand Padana, Parmiggiano Reggiano- oh yeah), san marzanos (raw on the round pies, from a cooked sauce on the squares), crust was thick/thin-ish difara style but surprisingly great tasting this particular evening, EVERYTHING IN BALANCE.
Still the best pie in NYC proper by a landslide.

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  1. The Jazzman is nothing if not visually memorable.